a short CV
Curriculum Vitae

a (very) short chronological CV :

1st of May 2006 - future:

Senior Test Consultant, imbus AG, Munich: Test Management, Test Process Improvement, Test Automation and Training

Oct 1998 - Apr 2006:

Quality Assurance Engineer, CA Comuter Assocviates, Munich:
Desktop Management / IT Resource Management Products (e.g. for Software Delivery), Database Agents; Backup products
ISTQB/ISEB-Certified-Tester: Foundation Level since November 2002, Full Advanced Level since May 2004

Sep 1997 - Sep 1998

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Siemens Nixdorf AG, Munich: System, Network and Application Management

May 1995 - Aug 1997

Software Development Engineer, Siemens Nixdorf AG, Munich: database backup and recovery

Jan 1991 - Apr 1995

Quality Assurance Engineer, Siemens Nixdorf AG, Munich: system monitoring, load distribution, performance measurement and performance analysis on mainframes

Jul 1990 - Dec 1990

IT Professional, Philips Components Hamburg: statistical process control in semiconductor production

Nov 1989 - Jun 1990

Assistant Scientist, KFA Jülich, Jülich

Jul 1986 - Oct 1989

Ph.D. in Elementary Particle Physics,  CERN / University of Siegen / KFA Jülich

Oct 1979 - Jun 1986

Study of Physics, University in Bonn

a more detailed CV (PDF file) ....   (will be updated soon)

meine aktuellen Buchempfehlungen / Some recent professional Books I recommend:

“Lessons Learned in Software Testing” by Cem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord; 2002

the bible of the “context-driven” school of Software Testing

“Waltzing with Bears” by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister, 2003

a new book about Software Risk and Projekt Management by the authors of “Peopleware”: brilliant !

“The Testing Practitioner” by Erik van Veenendaal, 2003

a very comprehensive book about state-of-the-art Software Testing

“Basiswissen Softwaretest” by Andreas Spillner and Tilo Linz, 2002/2004/2005

für alle, die den “ASQF - Certified Tester” machen wollen

“Software-Qualität” von Peter Liggesmeyer

ein sehr umfassendes Buch mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Testtechniken

“Slack” by Tom DeMarco, 2001

how to send a company to oblivion by making it more efficient

meine Buchbesprechungen / Rezensionen .....

siehe auch / see also