a short CV

I have practised several hobbies over the years - most of them are dormant, but some I’m still practising today:

TaekwonDo ,
no, I don't wear a black belt ... that will be a challenge for my next life. But it prevents me from becoming rusty ... Mainly I visit the training in Pullach.

improvisation theater
Thanks to my teachers at fastfood theater in Munich, which taught me this fascinating form of theater. I hope to join another impro workshop in the future, but meanwhile my kids are teaching improvisation theater to me.

flamenco dancing
This exotic hobby I did for many years at a small studio in Munich. My favourite dances were the Bulerias and the Farruca.

My childhood hobby. Unfortunatelly, there isn’t a clear and dark sky at Munich. But I observed the Venus Transit on the 8th of June 2004.

playing celtic harp
After building my harp during one of Andre’s and Christoph’s workshops, I started to take lessons, but I´ve neglected practising since Sophia´s and Hannah’s birth. Perhaps one of my daughters will continue what I’ve started.

motorbike tours
I own a Yamaha SR 500 and did three trips to Scotland and Ireland in the nineties. However the bike is in mothballs now.

I’m not an active musician but a intense listener. My current favourites are

  • Spock’s Beard (progressive rock),
  • Patrick Ball (irish harp)
  • Kaipa , The Tangent (progressive troll and elk rock)
  • Apocalyptica (metal played on cellos! Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s loud only ),
  • Corvus Corax (medieval party and punk music)
  • father
    this has become the most important and enchanting “hobby” during the last 6 years - it’s the last real challenge in a man’s life !